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8. How to Find Friends to invite for Coffee

‘A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.’ – Unknown.

These days, technology makes the impossible, possible.

If you’re sitting in your favourite cafe on your device enjoying the free, secure wifi, then it’s possible that you could also find friends to invite for coffee.

5050 Coffee that is, which is even better. 5050 Coffee (as it suggests is about going 50/50 or Dutch where each person pays for their own beverage). It means there is no expectation of you having to pay for someone else’s coffee and it also means that (the friend you are meeting) is under no obligation to you after having accepted your invite for coffee.

All you really have to do is enjoy your coffee and share the things you have in common. And the best news of all? You can do it all for free (bar the price of your cup of coffee). But where do you find friends? 

Why meeting for coffee is a good way to meet new friends

Meeting a friend for coffee in a cafe/coffee shop is a less formal and more casual way of meeting new friends. A cafe is a relaxed environment which allows people to focus on the conversation and getting to know each other rather than the surroundings.

If you’re meeting a friend for the first time, (a friend that you’ve previously met online), then reducing anxiety by choosing a cafe for a first meeting is important. No one is going to be looking too closely at how you drink your coffee or be concerned with what type of coffee you’ve ordered. New friends are going to be more interested in the conversation and about any commonalities you may share.

If you’re meeting in a cafe, there’s also less dress-code pressure, casual attire is very acceptable. You can dress as you would on a normal work day or dress as you would to meet a friend.  Choosing to meet in a public place like a cafe will also help to keep you safe and if alcohol is not on the menu, you don’t have to worry about your judgement being impaired.

The Process Of Finding Friends

Start the process of finding friends to invite for coffee by joining 5050 Cafe Friends. This website provides the opportunity for online friendships to develop into offline (real world) friendships by inviting friends for coffee.

Registration involves 3 simple steps and once they’re completed, they offer a week’s free trial. When the free week is drawing to a close, you can switch the auto-renew to OFF which will prevent any further payments (until you’re ready to switch it back ON). It saves having to cancel and then go through the registration process again.

Other members can still contact you however and you will also be able to update your profile. Then when the opportunity arises where you may like to send out a coffee invite, you can switch the auto-renew back on.

At Step 2 of registration, they request you either ‘Vlog to Join’ or upload a photo and complete a profile.

Although the best option is ‘Vlog to Join’ because you instantly become 5050 Verified which means other people whom you wish to communicate with, will have no doubt over your identity. You may also choose the more traditional option of uploading a photo and completing a profile.

Whichever option you choose, you will also be asked to add your interests (you have to choose two, but you can have up to five). You can also upload a vlog (after you’ve registered) and update your interests at any time. 

When you add your interests, other people on the website will receive a notification if your interests or the area that you’re from, matches theirs.

Finding you are from the same area, went to the same schools, frequent the same cafes and know the same people can make you feel like you are getting reacquainted with an old friend, but if you don’t have these connections already, then that’s ok also. 

The whole idea is finding friends afresh.

Finding A Cafe Near You

A popular cafe is a great meeting place because your meeting can go unnoticed which may give you a sense of privacy. The feeling of anonymity that comes with meeting someone in a busy place might be the sort of environment you seek when you don’t want everyone knowing who you are meeting.

The staff and customers are less likely to notice and observe you as they busily go about serving customers and you may feel shielded by the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the comings and goings of people.

Equally, you may want to be familiar with your environment and choose to go where the people know you. Quiet cafes can also be just as good, but for different reasons. If you’d like the focus to be on the conversation but also like privacy, then you’ll probably be more likely to be heard and your attention will be focused on who you are with.

At 5050 Cafe Friends when you tap the Coffee Cup icon located under every profile photo, you’ll be able to send a coffee invite to anyone on the 5050 website but first of all you will be prompted to Find A Cafe Near You. 

By entering your country and area you’ll be able to select a 5050 Cafe (a private listing on the website) or you may select a cafe located on a map. If there is a 5050 Cafe listing available, there is also a place where a cafe owner/operator can add a description and their Deal of the Day.

If they’ve added a description you’ll be able to get some idea of the ambience, if not and they have a website and added their URL, you’ll be able to click through to their website and find out more about their cafe.

After you’ve made your selection you will then be able to send an invite for 5050 Coffee.

5050 Coffee Invite

Social networking is about the use of an internet application to form online relationships that have a social purpose, a business purpose or both. Generally speaking they are online services that help people connect and form new (and renew old) relationships with friends, colleagues, customers or potential partners and help like minded people who share similar interests to find one and other.  

That’s how 5050 Cafe Friends works to help you find friends who share your interests and then invite them for coffee by selecting a Cafe Near You to continue your online conversation into the real world.

When you send a 5050 Coffee to invite to someone you can choose the day, date and time and they can accept, decline or enable the Bring a Friend option if they registered as female.

They have 24 hours to reply before the invite expires, so you’re not left hanging and wondering whether someone is going to turn up. Of course you can still message them at any time in case arrangements change. 

Everyone who joins the 5050 Cafe Friends website as a Cafe Friend has to agree to the 5050 Protocol which simply put is about paying for your own coffee. By agreeing to pay for yourself you’re creating an equitable environment where no party need feel obligated in any way to the other which kick-starts all relationships off on a level playing field. 

How 5050 Coffee Keeps You Safe

  • It’s about 50/50 not 60/40 which is about going half with all costs or paying for yourself. This in turn creates an equitable environment where people have no need to be concerned about the bill or feel obligated in any way to someone else because they’ve paid. 
  • If someone has invited you for coffee and you have accepted their invite, you do it on the proviso that you have agreed and understand the 5050 Protocol. 
  • It’s about coffee or a non-alcoholic beverage being consumed – not alcohol. So you do not have to worry about your judgement being impaired. 
  • If you accept a a 5050 Coffee invite you are doing it with the understanding that by paying for yourself you are abiding by the 5050 Protocol and in making the effort to meet the person/people in question, you’re doing it of your own volition and are there because you want to be.
  • By meeting in a cafe, which is a public place it’s more likely that help is on hand if need be and that you can walk away from the situation at any time if you feel in danger.
  • Anxiety over who pays for what becomes less of an issue and you only need to spend what you can afford. There is no bill shock at the end or social pressure related to feeling that you haven’t paid your fair share.
  • All cafe owner/operators must agree to abide by the covid requirements for cafes/coffee shops for their country.
  • All cafes that create a listing on the 5050 Cafe Friends website must agree that coffee is served on their premises. 

The 5050 Protocol

Just like the ‘Me too,’ ‘Black Lives Matter,’ or ‘Climate Change’ movements which have brought an awareness for the need for social change, so too does 5050 Cafe Friends.  It hopes to make equality a reality by changing behaviours and attitudes around how people meet. 

5050 Cafe Friends is ‘making equality a reality’ by asking all people who join the website to agree to their 5050 Protocol which states:

UNICEF says gender equality ‘means that women and men, girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections. It does not require that girls and boys, or women and men, be the same, or that they be treated exactly alike.’

The 5050 Protocol of gender equity (paying for your own coffee) sets the foundation for the possibility of an enduring relationship founded on mutual respect and gender equality which is about ‘being equal’ but is not about being the same. It’s about rights, responsibilities and opportunities being equal for everyone regardless of whether they are born male or female.

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