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11. How to invite multiple people for 5050 Coffee

Most people who meet other people in a group setting find there is less pressure and less emphasis on themselves and more chance to be accepted within the group, there sure is safety in numbers.

Meeting in a group will also give you more opportunity to connect with someone within the group to form a friendship. Quite often the person or people you thought you could be friends with, turn out to not necessarily the people you connect with. Meeting multiple people can increase your chances of finding friends.

If you’d like to meet new people and find new friends then you may like to consider joining 5050 Cafe Friends and inviting your online friends to meet up offline (in-person in the real world) for 5050 Coffee at the cafe of your choice. At 5050 Cafe Friends you can invite a single person or multi (more than one) person for 5050 Coffee.

How To Join 5050 Cafe Friends

Joining 5050 Cafe Friends so you can meet new people is easy and they offer a free trial with all features, so you can get some idea of how the website works. They also let you know prior to your free trial ending when it is about end to give you plenty of time to turn the auto-renew in Settings > Payment to the OFF position, which means you will not have to commit to ongoing monthly payments until you’re ready.

When you’re ready to send out 5050 Coffee invites and start communicating again, you can simply turn the auto-renew to the ON position. You can also deactivate or cancel your account at any time. 

Registration offers two different options. Both options differ at Step 2, where there is a photo upload, profile and select Interests option and the second (at Step 2) is a ‘Vlog to Join’ and select Interests option.

Both options are a very straight forward three step process:

Step 1:  Basic info which doesn’t require any personally identifying information, for instance, they ask for your first name only NOT your full name and your year of birth only, not your full DOB.

Step 2: Offers two options: A photo upload, plus profile (selecting from a drop-down) the most suitable answer for a few questions, combined with selecting 2 – 5 Interests from a dropdown.

The second option is a ‘Vlog to Join’ option which is a quicker process where you can prepare your vlog in advance by using your smartphone to video a short four second vlog but you also must select 2 – 5 Interests.

The script requirement for your vlog is very simple and easy to remember. All it needs to be is something like (below):

‘Hi, I’m (first name only) from (where you’re from) invite me for coffee.

The benefit of the second option is that once you’re registered, you automatically become 5050 Verified which means your profile photo will display the 5050 V badge. The 5050 V badge lets others know that you have a vlog present and are more likely to be genuine because you’ve uploaded a vlog.

All vlogs are watermarked with the 5050 logo which makes them less attractive to hackers and scammers. 

Step 3: Is adding your credit card credentials where all info is encrypted and secure.

Same Area, Same Interests

Finding something in common with an online friend has never been easier as 5050 Cafe Friends notifies you when someone joins from your area or when someone shares one of your Interests.

You can also message someone from another country who may share your Interests, but the idea here is that you should really intend to meet that person from another country and being 5050 Verified (uploading a vlog) would also be advisable.

Some of the great things about finding friends online who are from the same area are:

  • Instantly, you will have something in common because you are from the same area
  • You know the same shops, cafes, institutions and maybe even know some of the same people
  • You feel like you’ve known each other for a long time, especially if you went to the same schools
  • It’s convenient to meet because you don’t have to travel far
  • You can take a trip down memory lane and share some of the similar experiences you may have had because you’re from the same area

Some of the great things about finding friends online who share some of the same Interests:

  • You are truly setting yourself up for an enduring friendship because you already have something in common 
  • You are in a position to possibly learn more and meet even more friends as often people already know people who share their Interests
  • Having a shared Interests often brings people together romantically
  • You may feel more purposeful in life
  • When people discover what they have in common, they can create more shared experiences and the bonds of friendship may deepen

When you discover things you have in common with online friends, you may like to grow the friendship further by meeting them in-person (off-line in the real world).

Meeting online friends in-person has many great benefits such as:

  • By meeting someone or people in person, you are starting to get to know them and will get a better idea of who they are
  • Online friendships need to grow into offline friendships otherwise any effort made towards friendship that you have created online, can lose importance, stagnate and fall away
  • When you meet in-person, you are able to read the social cues and body language of the other people you are meeting
  • If you are more of a talker than a literary/text type of person, you’ll find meeting in person a much better option as writing/ texting or typing info can seem time consuming and laborious. Even a phone-call or a video-call can seem like you’re being put on the spot.
  • You’ll be able to laugh out loud together and humour is what makes us happy! Instead of writing Lol and hoping the person reading your comment ‘gets it’ at the other end
  • You’ll come away from an in-person meeting with a much clearer idea of where you stand with your friends
  • If meeting more than one friend, you’ll have the opportunity of meeting ‘more’ people and enjoy more opportunities with new friends
  • Your personal brand (what you wear, how you conduct yourself, what you sound like) will leave more of an impression with your friends. They’ll also get to know what you’re like
  • Any virtual meeting to consolidate a new friendship can have technical issues and can leave you feeling less satisfied and a little unsure of potential outcomes. It may be okay to reconnect with someone you have already met in-person this way, but for new friendships it doesn’t really work. It only works initially so long as you intend to meet in-person at some stage
The Multi-Invite

If you’ve reached that crucial stage with your online friendships where you’d like to take things to the next level by meeting everyone in-person, you can send a multi-invite.

At 5050 Cafe Friends you can utilise their free trial period to use their multi-invite option to send out 5050 Coffee invites to all your online friends and meet up in person. 

Make life easier by saving anyone you’ve had something in common with like Same Area or Same Interests to your Favourites, then:

Choose the multi-invite option (envelope with the plus symbol) and a 4 step process will appear.

1/ Choose from your Favourites the people you wish to send a coffee invite to, to meet up in-person. 

2/ Choose a cafe in the area, date and time of where you’d like to meet up, which can accommodate your friends for 5050 Coffee. (In other words, a cafe that serves great coffee or has good beverages). Somewhere that has a great ambience and secure wi-fi is always best. 

3/ Complete the message field, so that your friends know why you are messaging them and that you would like to meet up with them all. 

4/ Send your multi-invite out to your online friends.

Once your multi-invite is sent, your friends will have 24 hours to decline, accept or message you back with a reply, but the invitation will expire after 24 hours which means you won’t be left hanging or wondering about who is going to turn up.

You can always message someone separately as well, if you would like to address their individual needs.

Why 5050 Coffee?

In order to get friendships off to a great start, an affordable, fair and safe way of meeting people is important. When people join 5050 Cafe Friends as a Cafe Friend they must also agree to the 5050 Protocol.

The 5050 Protocol simply put is about ‘paying for yourself’ or paying for your own coffee. The best way to do this, is just to walk up to the counter in the chosen cafe and order and pay for your own beverage. 

*It’s important not to look upon meeting up for coffee and paying for yourself as ‘cheap’ but more as affordable, non-threatening, safer, fairer and a more casual way of meeting people with less pressure. No one wants a huge financial outlay or commitment to other people when you are only just initially meeting new friends. The idea is simply to meet to see if you can establish a friendship in the first place.

At 5050 Cafe Friends it’s about making equality a reality, when meeting new people. All parties should be on an equal footing and afforded the same rights.

There should be no need for anyone to feel obligated to anyone else at a first meeting and this is possible if people take an equitable stance with a view to equality. 

The 5050 Protocol of 5050 Cafe Friends states that: 

‘The 5050 protocol of gender equity (paying for your own coffee) sets the foundation for the possibility of an enduring relationship founded on mutual respect and gender equality which is about ‘being equal’ but is not about being the same. It’s about rights, responsibilities and opportunities being equal for everyone regardless of whether they are born male or female.’

When you pay for yourself there’s no more gender role play and no awkward feeling of who pays for what or who will grab the check. You have no obligation to anyone at all and can leave when you want and it’s easy on your finances!  

Ultimately, you are there because you want to be and for the same reasons as everyone else – to meet people and find friends. 

The Multi-Invite for Cafes

How will the multi-invite effect cafes? 

The first thing all cafes should do is list their cafe for free at 5050 Cafe Friends. 

You can do this by selecting ‘Join as a Cafe’ where you will be able to list your cafe for free.

When you list your cafe it will give you a standout listing where you can easily be seen by Cafe Friends when a Search is entered for your area.

There are many benefits with listing your cafe including:

  • It’s free 
  • Your standout cafe listing will easily be seen when a search for your area is entered by Cafe Friends
  • Add a cafe photo
  • Add a cafe description
  • Add your url so Cafe Friends can visit your website
  • Add your Deal of the Day and set its duration
  • Add WOO (What’s On Offer) icons eg. Free Wi-fi
  • Print out and giveaway or display Clever Cookies
  • Update your listing and go to the top of search results for your area
  • Expect that Cafe Friends may send out multi-invites to meet- up with friends at your cafe

The multi-invite now means people from the same area or people with the same interests can now, send an invite to multiple people (more than one) to meet up at your cafe. 

And this means, you may get groups coming to your cafe for 5050 Coffee.

So keep them coming by listing your cafe and giving away or displaying Clever Cookies!

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