About 5050 Cafe Friends

5050 Cafe Friends

5050 Cafe Friends is a social networking website that provides a new way of meeting people by turning your online friends into real-life friends or cafe friends. Cafe friends are people who you meet on the 5050 website that you then invite for 5050 Coffee to meet up in-person at a cafe.

The 5050 Coffee invite you are able to send is generated by the website and you can send it to one person or multiple people.

5050 creates online friendships by letting people know when someone from your area has joined the website or by letting people know when someone shares your interests. It then enables you to meet in-person (if you want to) by sending an invite for 5050 Coffee, where you can ‘catch-up’ at any cafe of your choosing.

It’s aim is to change behaviours and attitudes to do with meeting new friends by asking everyone who joins to agree to the 5050 Protocol which states:

‘The 5050 protocol of gender equity (paying for your own coffee) sets the foundation for the possibility of an enduring relationship founded on mutual respect and gender equality which is about ‘being equal’ but is not about being the same.  It’s about rights, responsibilities and opportunities being equal for everyone regardless of whether they are born male or female.’

At its core, 5050’s aim is to try to create a safe, fair and equal way of meeting new people.